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Educan Consultants
specializes in advising international elementary and secondary schools on school-based issues such as curriculum design, school law, textbook and learning materials, program planning, school policies and procedures, teacher recruitment, quality assurance, teacher performance appraisals and school based budgeting.  Through its roster of international consultants, Educan facilitates change and focuses on school improvement.


Gary Diamond is the Director of Educan Consultants, which he established in 1997. Prior to forming this company, Gary was the Coordinator of Private Schools with the Ontario Ministry of Education where he was responsible for structuring agreements between the Ontario Ministry of Education and international schools wanting to offer the Ontario program.  He also inspected these schools for compliance with Ontario curriculum and policies.


Gary holds a B.A., an M.A. in history, a B. Ed.and has a Specialistsí Certificate in history as well as Principalsí Qualifications and a Supervisory Officerís Certificate. 


Gary has had many years of experience as a secondary teacher, department head and principal in Ontarioís private and public schools.  As a private school inspector for the Ministry of Education, Gary is well acquainted with the issues currently facing private and international schools.


Gary has opened international schools in Hong Kong, Singapore, and India and has served as an educational consultant for the Canadian International Development Agency.  Garyís most recent involvement with private schools has been in the area of mediation of board-head issues and he has also reviewed the administrative structures of private and international schools. He has been a guest speaker at numerous workshops for private schools and has been a contributor to ORBITíS Legal Issues in Education, published by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

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