Providing effective solutions across the education sector


Educan Consultants is a Canadian educational consulting company with specialization in advising schools and agencies with international programs at the elementary and secondary level.

Incorporated in 1997, Educan Consultants is a privately owned Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. It has developed a significant knowledge base in providing services to facilitate change in schools and throughout education systems.

We provide our clients with professional expertise in:

  • strategic planning,
  • the development and delivery of teacher training programs,
  • school law,
  • education planning and management,
  • recruitment of foreign students,
  • curriculum design,
  • program evaluation,
  • quality assurance, and
  • the evaluation of teaching and learning materials.


We also advise on textbooks and learning materials, and arrange for their distribution.

We are recognized for providing realistic solutions to our clients across the education sector. Through our roster of international consultants, we help facilitate change in the education sector.

Educan’s experienced education professionals bring to our assignments a deep knowledge of the needs of developing countries in Asia, utilizing best international practices and policies.

We screen and interview teachers for international teaching positions and deal with all teacher questions with regard to teaching overseas.

Company Profile